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Redesign Interrail

Interrail sell passes and are helping travelers to have an unforgettable journey and explore Europe by train. With an Interrail pass, you'll be traveling with the most flexible travel option on the rails. With the mobile pass - you'll have Europe in your back pocket, so you can change your travel plans on the go with your mobile phone. Important to know is that Interrail is not a train company, they just sell many different passes that works as tickets on trains around Europe. 

One of our biggest challenge was how we can change the view on traveling by train. With that
in mind we looked at how airlines display themselves and took that as inspiration for our project to redesign Interrail. Many still think that traveling equals flying and we wanted to reach
that target group. 

Logotype and typography is sophisticated and together with the new color palette, they express trustworthiness and an adventure side. The icons are rounded, welcoming and clear. We also created a more user friendly planning tool for the website with a nice overview of the whole route - including a map. The updated app creates a security for the travelers, from the first stop to the last train home. Including all the information the travelers need during the trip. By buying an Interrail pass you also recieve a travel kit. Including postcards, tickets, notebook and a pen.

We also created a campaign for the release of the new Interrail - by rail. 

The new Interrail feels more premium and has something for all travelers. By simplifying the planning tool and app, we hope that all travelers can and will choose the train for future vacations. 


Sanna Morén

Henrik Jacobsson

Emilia Rathcke

Lisa Öberg

Brobygrafiska, 2019

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