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Redesign Skånemejerier Cooking

Skånemejerier is a Swedish dairy brand and is known for their passion to create quality products and caring for cows health. They are a loved brand, especially in south Sweden and produces everything from cheese to yoghurt and milk.


The brief was to make the cooking products stand out in the shelf but at the same time be coherent within the range. All of the products should also express Smaken av Skåne (the taste of Skåne) and show good quality. 

The final design is bright and colorful with tasty images to give a the feeling of happy cooking and inspire the consumer. The flower pattern is one of Skånemejerier's major design element and is combined with illustrations to express even more taste. 

Gustaf Olofsson

Lisa Öberg

Art direction:
Ylva Petersdotter

Amore Creative Studio, 2020